Mark E. Fuller, Ph.D.

Engineer (Mechanical, Chemical, DevOps/MLOps)

NO<sub>x</sub> cycle in combustion

I am currently a DevOps/MLOps engineer having recently (spring 2022) transitioned from academia. For me, this has been a very natural transition: in conjunction with my research, I've increasingly been devoting more time to engineering the infrastructure of a research lab and less to the details of developing theory and carrying out experiments. This has led me to develop both an interest and a skillset in automation and solving the engineering challenges that underly efficiently conducting and translating research to publishable results and production.

End to active updates after September 2022: I am currently in the process of migrating to a new website. The new site will contain information related to my professional and personal work in DevOps, software, Linux, &c. Only if there are further developments in my academic work will this website be updated.

In my last academic posting, I was the lab manager for the Dana Research Group at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology under Prof. Alon Grinberg Dana. I was formerly a postdoc in the Physico-Chemical Fundamentals of Combustion research group at RWTH Aachen University under Prof. Alexander Heufer. I earned my Ph.D. with Prof. Franklin Goldsmith at Brown University working on nitrogen combustion chemistry and where I designed and constructed a diaphragmless "fire-by-wire" shock tube. For a high-level overview, I have profiles in the usual places: LinkedIn, Research Gate, Google Scholar, ORCID, &c...

  1. Promoting and developing collaborative efforts in the research community, including development of open software and databases, particularly those for automated chemical-kinetic mechanism construction and experimental data for combustion (contributions on github and gitlab)
  2. Development of sustainable and renewable energy solutions
  3. Harm reduction in energy generation both for human health and environmental effects

Electronic Frontier Foundation Member Free Software Foundation Member

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