Fingerprinting for FBI Identity History Summary Request in Germany

FBI Background Check, FD-258, fingerprints, fingerprinting, Fingerabdrücke Deutschland

As an American living in Germany, I once needed to apply for an FBI Identity History Summary Request (background check) from abroad. In the US, it is not at all difficult to get fingerprinted, but in Germany it is nearly impossible (I did my best to put possible search terms in the headers). According to my local police department, it is illegal for the police to take your fingerprints if you are not being arrested. Further, the US consulates and embassies do not provide the service for FBI background checks. I cannot confirm the following information and I bear no responsibility for errors. I am simply recording my findings here in hopes that the next unlucky expat may be saved some hours or days of stress. With that said, here is what I have found:

Information researched and updated November 2020.